About 19th Century Acts


19thcenturyacts.com is a suite of tools designed to illuminate aspects of 19th century performance. It was created by an ever-expanding team of artists, computer programmers, historians, librarians and creative thinkers. We have been thinking about how to make performance history lively and visual. You can enter and use the site in a variety of ways. Each section approaches a research question about the 19th Century from a different perspective.

The project points to wider issues of documenting under-represented performance histories in digital formats. In an age of prolific visual and audio imagery how are we to capture the performance dynamism of the 19th Century? Our methodology included organizing and training the computer-programming team while collaborating with a theatre class on reconstructing play excerpts and finally, integrating the collaborative work through team meetings.


The Team

Anita Gonzalez

Project Lead

Clara McClenon

Project Manager & Designer

Katy Robinson

Researcher and Historian

Allyson Mackay

Web Developer

Stacey Bishop

Researcher and Historian

Amana Kazkazi

Web Developer

Justin Joque

Geospatial Mapping Consultant

Nicole Scholtz

Geospatial Mapping Consultant

John R. Diehl

Technical Consultant

Anay Somvanshi

Web Developer

Kristen Sheppard

Web Developer

Junhui Li

Web Developer

Daina Andries

Web Developer

Funding and Support

This project was funded through a University of Michigan Provost Third Century Initiative Quick Wins grant. Administrative and educational support was provided by the Clark Libary as part of MLibrary.